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Shaghaf Oud oil

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Depth of Musk

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Vintage Oud oil

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Vintage Oud oil: Stems from rare agarwood trees، which grows in specific regions of Asia and India، and this precious oil extracted from Oud Wood، its unique and distinctive smell، and aromas vary between sweet and spicy, woody and earthy.

Features Vintage Oud oil:
Vintage Oud oil is extracted from rare oud trees، which makes it a precious gem of nature.
– Vintage Oud oil is characterized by its deep and distinctive aroma that has no equal، mixed with warm, woody notes that are breathtaking.
– The aromas of Vintage Oud oil range from sweet and spicy, woody and earthy، to suit all tastes.
– Two mouthfuls of Vintage Oud oil will last for many hours، to add a special touch to your look.

– As a basic material in the manufacture of luxury perfumes، it gives it a distinctive touch of luxury and sophistication.
in the body to give a beautiful smell to a person، Create the impression of confidence, comfort and relaxation.
– A luxurious and special gift for friends and relatives.

Weight: 1/4 tulle – 3 grams
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