Deep Of Oud

Malaysian oud Laos

Price per kilo 60,000 AED

The luxurious Malaysian oud from Laos reflects luxury and oriental heritage in the most magnificent way. this oud is characterized by its authentic and deep aroma، where it shows balanced and harmonious wood tones. This oud gives you an exceptional aromatic experience that takes you on an interactive journey with distant places and diverse cultures. Discover the magic of the world through this charming and authentic fragrance.

Deep Of Oud

Malaysian oud Laos high quality

Price per kilo 70,000 AED

Luxurious Malaysian oud from Laos is considered a gem in the world of luxury perfumes. This rare oud is extracted from agarwood trees in Laos and is distinguished by its high quality and special splendor. This oud is known for its deep and complex aroma، where luxurious woody tones merge into it. it has high stability on the skin، which makes it last for a long time، it adds a touch of cuteness and elegance to whoever uses it. Discover the journey of the senses and culture with this wonderful oud.

Deep Of Oud

Malaysian-Burmese oud high quality

Price per kilo 70,000 AED

This refined Malaysian oud from Burma is a masterpiece in the world of perfumery. this oud is extracted from Oud trees in Burma and is characterized by its superior quality and distinctive aroma. this oud produces warm and vibrant woody tones، it gives a touch of charm and luxury to the one who wears it. an emotional journey that takes you to a world of sensuality and excellence.

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