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Dokhoun Gori: A unique French and Arabic blend، Specially made for Deep Of Oud، To offer you an immersive aromatic experience that touches your soul and unleashes your imagination.

Features of Dokhoun Gori:
-A rich blend that combines warm oud wood scents with distinctive French and Arabic notes.
-A tremendous feeling of calm and tranquility overwhelms you when using it، helps you focus and meditate.
– It is made from the finest natural materials، to ensure an exceptional aromatic experience.
– It can be used at any time، Whether you want to relax, concentrate or spend quality time with family and friends.

– Helps you relax and get rid of stress and anxiety، & stimulates meditation and positive thinking.
– Helps you focus and improve concentration، & stimulates creativity and innovation.
– Gives a romantic touch to any place، & helps to create a calm and warm atmosphere.
– Adds a distinctive smell to your home and clothes، & it helps to create a cozy and refreshing atmosphere.

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